Pelle Pelle

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Pelle Pelle is an urban fashion brand founded by designer Marc Buchanan. Pelle Pelle was launched in 1978 and started as a leather outerwear company. The brand was also the first brand to launch designer baggy pants. What ended years ago due to controversies, the legacy of Pelle Pelle still lives on in the hearts of true fashion enthusiasts. Pelle Pelle was founded right when the Hip Hop scene emerged back in the 1970s. This revolutionary brand caused an uproar in the world as baggy pants and comfortable loose clothing became the choice of celebrities and their fans all over the world. Designer Marc Buchanan specialized in brightly colored, highly decorated leather jackets, and later moved on to sportswear and other types of outerwear. In 2003, Pelle Pelle was fined $40,000 by the Federal Trade Commission for placing inaccurate labels on several types of men's pants and jackets. This marked the end of the fashion brand as it could not recover financially and was later declared to be bankrupt.

Pelle Pelle Jacket

Part of the sportswear collection by Pelle Pelle, a huge hit were the varsity jackets they released. The Pelle Pelle Varsity Jacket are a huge hit to this day, due to their unique colorways, stylish patches and designs, and many other aspects that are just truly wonderful. These Pelle Pelle Vintage Jacket are the perfect 80’s fashion icons, representing an era when urban fashion was on the rise. We offer high quality and completely accurate Pelle Varsity Jacket, which allow you to dress just like a blast from the past.