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Louis Vuitton is a French luxury fashion house which was founded in 1854 by fashion designer Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton started as a luggage goods making company. They introduced simple trunks for luggage which could easily be stacked. Given that bags and trunks used for luggage earlier had a rounded off top to help water to run off, they could unfortunately, not be stacked. This caused them to take up a lot of room. After succeeding in the sector, Louis Vuitton saw a lot of success. However, it was in late 1997, when Louis Vuitton made Marc Jacobs its Artistic Director and he was the first one to design and introduce clothing and apparel to the brand. As this was new for them, the beginning was not easy. However, thanks to their popularity in the world, and a lot of connections all over the world, the brand transformed into the huge fashion powerhouse we see and love today.

Louis Vuitton Jacket

Today, the brand is famous for many of their famous and stylish designs and outfits, which cause ripples in the world of fashion. One of those are the Louis Vuitton Varsity Jacket. Inspired by the fashion powerhouse, these Louis Vuitton Outerwear are a representation of the fashion smarts and unique designs. To help you to represent your favorite fashion house, we have a wide range of Louis Vuitton Jackets for Men, and Louis Vuitton Women's Jackets for you to enjoy.