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Kids 8 ball Jacket

The Kids 8 ball Jacket is a renowned piece in the globe of leather jackets devised in 1990 by San Francisco-based designer Michael Horban. He was an English-American soccer midfielder who initiated his career in 1969 with Aston Villa. Hence, he had an incredible knowledge of sports, and he collaborated with his god-gifted designer skills to create a masterpiece that we today comprehend as the 8 ball Jacket.

The whole look is stipulated by the large black and white and color-blockings on the sleeves, making it perfect for people who love the eight balls used in cue sports. The design gained a significant position in the fashion market in the late 90s, and humongous stars started to endorse the beauty at a distinguished variety of events. The craze continued, and people today are in awe as well. Although 8 ball fashion in the 90's focused on men's and women's fashion. Yet, today's era is different, where kids' fashion has transformed into a different industry.

Hence, if you are a parent of someone who loves symmetrical patterns and vibrant colors, then there is no best match for your kids than these kids 8 ball Jacket.

At an 8-ball Pool Store, you will find a wide variety of such outfits in bulk. Hence, no matter if you are talking about the famous 8 Ball Jacket Original, 8 Ball Jacket with fur hood, 8 Ball Jacket 90s, or even the 8 Ball Jacket 80s, we have it all as part of our kid's collection.

However, among all the products mentioned earlier, the 8-ball bomber jacket and the 8 Ball sweat suits are the store's most loved and hot-selling products.

The bomber jacket is the most stunning jacket of all that has got a distinguished variety of colors on it. At the back, the first and the topmost layer is blue, followed by an orange rectangle covering the whole bottom area. The sides, however, are khaki green. A big 8 written with a white collar under a black box at the center.

From the front, you would notice similar patterns where the center is orange, followed by a khaki green color at the side. The sleeves, however, are kept bright yellow. In addition, there are 8 written under black squares on both sleeves.

We know that kids (especially those at their growing age) have different heights and body shapes based on their lifestyles and routine. We have kept all possible sizes available at our stores, such as XXS, XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL, and even 3XL. To add, we have a unique 'Made To Measure" system available for the purpose. That means you only need to provide some simple body measurements of your kids, such as height, chest size, etc., to it, and we will design a custom-made product for your kid.

We deliver all products within 5 to 7 days of order placement, so your children do not have to wait to get their Kids 8 ball jacket. So, Order Now!