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Stussy is an American privately held fashion house founded in the early 1980s by designer Shawn Stussy. It was home to the surf wear trend which started in Orange County, California, but later adopted by the skateboard and hip-hop scenes. Shawn Stussy was a Californian manufacturer of surfboards. The logo defining the brand started in the early 1980s, when he wrote his surname on handcrafted boards with a simple broad-tipped marker. It was in 1984, Stussy and his friend, Frank Sinatra Jr., partnered to sell the apparel. They went on to open boutiques in places such as SoHo, New York and around Europe, capturing the attention of skaters all around the world. In 1996, Stussy resigned as president and Sinatra bought his share of the company holdings, with the Sinatra family still owning the brand.

Stussy Jacket

Today, Stussy is a well-known name in the world of urban and skater fashion. Their jackets, caps, and T-shirts are regarded as the trademark sign of a skater, and their culture only seems to expand. Even with all these options, the Stussy Varsity Jacket and Stussy 8 Ball Sherpa Jacket are the original hit from the fashion brand. Their aesthetics and looks are the reason why people are absolutely in love with them no matter where they are. With 22 Stussy branded stores now, Stussy is easily one of the most popular skater brands. As Stussy is such a famous brand, and loved by everyone, we also present you with a chance to style and wear your favorite Stussy Vintage Jacket and enjoy the famous fashion trend.