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Supreme is an American clothing and skateboarding lifestyle brand established in New York City in April 1994 by James Jebbia, an American-British businessman, fashion designer and former child actor. The brand aims to appeal to streetwear culture in general as well as skateboarding and hip-hop scenes specifically. James was always inspired by art. The logo of the company came from a book about an artist called Barbara Kruger given to James. Kruger's art inspired the red box logo with "Supreme" in white. Supreme opened their first store in an old office space on Lafayette Street in Lower Manhattan in April 1994. It was opened for skaters, and so it had a unique layout. All the clothes were lined up in the back of the store, with a lot of space in the middle, which allowed skaters to easily skate in on their skateboards and shop around the store.

Supreme Jacket

Supreme has come a long way ever since then and is now regarded as one of the best American clothing and skateboarding lifestyle brands. Today, it has 15 stores all over the United States, and widely recognized all over the world. James Jebbia never stopped getting ideas from artists, and he then released a collection of leather jackets inspired by the graffiti artist Martin Wong. The collection featured in the fashion show AW19 and is known to be a huge hit all around the world. As these jackets are so popular, we offer you 100% accurate AW19 Martin Wong Supreme Jackets so that you may also enjoy the skater life in style.