How 8 Ball Jacket is Making a Come Back (1998-2022)


The 8 Ball Jacket is a renowned apparel aspect in today’s world idea, which was developed back in the 80s by renowned designer Michael Hoban. Nevertheless, time shed light on this apparel after the skillful and talented actor David Puddy wore the clothing piece in one of his unique and distinguished shows- Seinfeld.

Keep on reading, and the forthcoming content will elaborate on a few ways to use the 8-ball apparel to return and remain in the market. You will also learn about some incredible apparel from the collection. So, without further wasting time in the discussion, let us jump into the content.

An Ultimate Guide About the 8 Ball Jacket

The forthcoming content is divided into various pieces to ensure you understand every aspect of the vital information.

Coming Back of the 8 Ball Clothing Piece

The apparel was born in the late 90s in San Francisco by a skillful, visionary, and talented designer Michael Hoban. He had the main objective of creating apparel that could serve as a bridge between the pop culture of that time and the audience. And he was right in every sense.

The apparel displayed a few colorful stripes all over the base, followed by the traditional 8-ball sign- typically embossed on the back and both sleeves. Nevertheless, the initial trend for this quickly faded as it was way ahead of its time. People accused it of its unique and distinctive design paired with the vibrant color.

The Revolution

The popularity of the 8 Ball Jacket got revolutionized in 1998 – 8 years after its creation when the well-known and beloved actor David Puddy pulled it over. Played by Patrick Warburton, David Puddy endorsed the outfit in the episode” The Reverse Peephole .”It brought a wave of excitement among people for the apparel. They realized that apparel wasn’t unreal but unique and distinctive from all other apparel available in the market at that time.

1. Men’s Tri-Color 8 Ball Leather Jackets with Fur Hood

The first and foremost apparel in the list is none other than the Men’s Tri-Color 8 Ball Leather Jacket with Fur Hood. Are you one who wants to keep everything fancy and in its way? Or do you like to embrace a little bit of neon apparel daily? Moreover, this Tri-Color 8 Ball Jackets with Fur Hood encompasses premium quality 100 percent genuine leather with a thick and warm viscose line attached inside. Hence you can now ensure to stay warm and cozy even in an icy climate.

The looks are kept very interesting with neon shades. The watermelon pink color in the center and the bright yellow on both sleeves. The pale green color is located on both pocket sides. And not to forget that fur lining around the neckline is nothing less than a plus point. What else do we want, right?


2. Men’s 8 Ball Bomber Jackets (Multicolor Genuine Leather)

Belong to that group of people who likes to stand out from the competition? Or are you one of those who liked the Men’s Tri-Color 8 Ball Leather Jacket with Fur Hood but are scared to pull such fancy apparel in front of people? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then look no far as the incredible Men’s 8 Ball Bomber Jacket (Multicolor Genuine Leather) is here to help.

The color scheme is the same, but in lighter tones, with sleeves slightly deep yellow, the center dies in classic red and the side of pockets about khaki green. The classic 8 logos are written in white color under the black colored circle. When talking about functionalities, you will find tightly knitted rib-cuffs with the central zipper in black color with a standard shirt-style collar. Pair it with skin-fitted jeans, and you are all set to conquer the world.


3. Navy Leather Hooded Jacket

Last but not least, we have the gorgeous 8 Ball Navy Leather Hooded Jacket on the list. Being crafted from premium quality leather, the apparel is perfect for those who want to embrace the classic black-on-black look this winter. Nevertheless, unlike other 8 ball apparel, the 8 logos in this jacket is written in deep red color under a white circle. The hood is attached as well, with a thick fur lining for an extra amount of comfort and warmth.

Frequently Ask Question

Where to Buy 8 Ball Leather Jacket?

If you’re a big fan of the fabulous Sinfield David Puddy plus a leather lover then you must be looking for Leather Jackets with fucky patterns or designs. That’s where the Official 8 Ball Jacket Store comes in!

What Does 8 Ball Jacket Mean?

The real means of 8 Ball that might surprise you is an ounce of a drug such as cocaine. Furthermore, this term of 8 Ball could also use for other drugs such as a mix of crack-cocaine, heroin, and the malt-liquor brand Olde English 800. Plus sometimes people also use the 8 Ball term for Black People!

Why People Don’t Wear 8 Ball Jackets Anymore?

Most people don’t agree with the idea that people have stopped wearing the 8 Ball Jacket. It’s true that the Jacket is being controversial for a long time, but it has nothing to do with the brand or design. In fact, the designer Michael Hoban said that “For someone to say that something is out of style — there’s no such thing. That’s like saying chicken soup is out of style.”

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the 8 Ball Jacket has gained the broadest range of customers from all over the world thanks to its appealing design and enhanced comfort. The content above discusses all revolutions of the 8 Ball Apparel, along with some other cool stuff you can consider. So make sure to read the content very carefully.

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