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About Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers are an American professional basketball team based in Indianapolis. The Pacers compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the Central Division of the Eastern Conference. The Pacers were established in 1967 as an original member of the American Basketball Association (ABA) and became a member of the NBA in 1976 because of the ABA–NBA merger. They play their home games at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. The team is named after the state of Indiana's history with the Indianapolis 500's pace cars and with the harness racing industry. The Pacers have won three championships, in 1970, 1972, and 1973, all in the ABA. They also reached the ABA Finals in 1969 and 1975. The Pacers were NBA Eastern Conference Champions in 2000. The team has also won nine division titles.

Indiana Pacers Merchandise

The Pacers are a mid-table team with few glimpses of success over the years. They have had a hard time attaining success, but that does not mean that they have given up trying. Day in and day out, the Indiana Pacers put up stellar performances in hopes to reach the ultimate goal every team in the NBA strives to reach. Their hard work and stellar work ethic has attracted a loyal fan base that sticks through thick and thin, supporting their favorite team no matter what. As a thank you to these fans, the Indiana Pacers have released a line of merchandise called Indiana Pacers Merchandise. This includes outerwear, NBA Clothing, household items, mugs, keychains, and literally anything that can carry the team's name. The most famous part of their merchandise that fans absolutely love are the Indiana Pacers Varsity Jackets.

Indiana Pacers Varsity Jackets

The Pacers are one of the best teams in NBA history when it comes to painting a picture of hard work and dedication in front of the world. After showing off their worth to the entire world, they have gathered a huge number of fans from all over the world. As a thank you to these fans, the Pacers have brought Indiana Pacers Varsity Jackets. These varsity jackets are a way for fans to express their loyalty to their favorite team by dressing up in their colors. 8 Ball Jacket brings you a wide range of Indiana Pacers Varsity Jackets for you to wear and enjoy. These 100% accurate jackets are made of premium materials, all available at a reasonable cost.