8 Ball Jackets: A Colorful Gift for Kids

8 Ball Jackets A Colorful Gift for Kids

Choosing a gift for kids can be a challenge as it is a bit difficult to find something your kids might like. Toys are something everyone thinks of when one mentions buying a gift for a child. What no one thinks of however, is jackets. Jackets are an excellent gift for people of all ages. It can be kids, adults, teenagers, or literally anyone. Jackets are the element to each outfit that enhances the look of anything you wear and makes them a lot better. Keeping this in mind, the perfect gift for you to get your kids is an 8 Ball Jacket. These vintage fashion icons are the perfect way to put a smile on anyone’s face. Play your cards right by choosing the perfect jacket and it shall make the best gift for your kid this Holiday season!

Historical Background

The 8-ball jacket is a style of leather jacket created by San Francisco–based designer Michael Hoban in 1990. The distinctive design became trendy in the 1990s fashion after being worn by athletes and hip-hop stars. The many symbolic associations of the eight ball, combined with the jacket’s high retail price and celebrity associations quickly made it a status symbol for young people in the city’s East Coast hip hop scene. Screenwriter Spike Feresten wrote an 8 Ball jacket into the Seinfeld episode “The Reverse Peephole” (1998) in an attempt to make them seem uncool. His attempt, however, totally backfired, and it only gave those jackets a positive review. The jackets have occasionally resurfaced in street fashion as a retro style, generally with some degree of irony. The jackets remain iconic in hip-hop culture, occasionally referenced in lyrics or featured in music videos.

Choosing The Right Design

8 Ball Jackets may be a great and well-known option, but with various styles and designs, it can get a bit hard. To get the perfect jacket for your kids, make sure you get the right design. Children are like a TV. Their emotions, personality, preferences, and choices are all easily visible through their body language and expressions. That aspect of your kids shall make it easy to choose the perfect 8 Ball jacket for kids. 8 ball jackets come in all sorts of designs, like the two-toned Kids 8 Ball Red Striped Hooded Bomber Jacket and the shiny Robert Phillipe Kids Orange 8 Ball Leather Jacket. With such a range of options, it should be very easy for you to choose the perfect 8 Ball jacket for you kids to wear.

Exploring Materials

8 Ball Jackets for kids are found in many different materials as preferences vary from person to person. However, the best material to choose for 8 Ball Jackets is leather. Leather 8 Ball jackets are the perfect way to keep your kids warm and comfortable in style. These jackets shall make the perfect gift for any kid as their warmth shall keep them ready for any and all adventures. Here at 8 Ball Jacket, we have 8 ball jackets for kids made of leather. The hoods of our jackets are lined with fur to add more warmth to each jacket, keeping your little one warm and comfortable.

Keep Sizes in Mind

Buying an 8 Ball Jacket for your kids is the best way to give them a gift. However, it can also turn into a major disaster if you do not get the size right. Make sure you get the jacket that fits your kids properly. If the jacket is larger or smaller in size, it can cause restrictions in movement and have a negative impact on the outlook of the outfit. This is why, make sure to properly check the size guide that is here at 8 Ball Jacket so that you do not face any issues when buying a jacket for your kids.

Final Note

8 Ball Jackets are a trendy vintage way to style any outfit. These jackets are a great gift for people of all ages. It can be a child, an adult, or a teenager, it does not matter. What matters is the popularity of these jackets. So, choose the perfect 8 Ball jacket for your little one and get them a gift they shall never forget. With such a wide range of options to choose from, there is no way you can go wrong with these jackets!

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