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The 8-Ball Jacket found its roots back in 1950 when it first gained popularity among the billiard community. However, the uncommon design and vibrant colored theme soon attracted people across the territories. The same is why, from David Puddy to Salt and Peppa” and from Blue Armor to “The subway guy,” we have seen numerous portrayals from the 90s to now. So, stay tuned, and we will elaborate on an ultimate list of celebrities who have effortlessly endorsed the outfit as a canvas of self-expression. So, without any further ado, let’s dig in.

The Untamed Appearances of 8 Ball Jacket 

1. David Puddy in Seinfeld- 8 Ball Jacket’s first recognition  

Seinfeld holds the crown for convincing the world to take notice of the stunning apparel. Worn by Patrick Warburton during his portrayal of David Puddy in the episode “Reverse Peephole,” the Jacket displayed the red, yellow, and black color theme with its signature eight logos written with white. The uncommon designs soon become the talk of the town, bursting markets with buyers and creating a low-supply, high-demand situation.

2. Salt n Pepa- Revolutionising The Design

Salt N Pepa is a renowned American hip-hop group from New York that has gotten a Grammy award under its belt for performing Duo or Group. The female rappers wore the famous 8-ball jacket while shooting “Push It.” However, some changes were made where. The iconic eight logo was replaced by P and S, which indicated Salt and Pepa, respectively.

Salt-N-Pepa on Their Push It Jackets and '90s Style | Vogue

3. T.I Rapper in About the Money 

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr, better known by his stage name T.I Rapper is a famed American singer and rapper who is also the pioneer of trap music- a subgenre of Hip hop. Making more money is one of his marvelous creations in which the man wore an iconic 8-ball jacket. He wore the apparel all over the video with the blue, black, and white theme that perfectly blends with the music’s composition.

4. Allen Iverson Sporting 8 Ball Jacket in Sixers Game

The success of the Sixers showcases the ultimate trench of LeBron, showcasing the improved graph. At the moment, the famed Basketball player: Allen Iverson wore a replica of David Puddy’s 8 Ball jacket. The appearance raised many questions but ended with a single answer: Love for Seinfeld and the design’s distinctiveness. However the popularity did not declined at any point.

Why was Allen Iverson wearing the David Puddy 8-Ball jacket at the Sixers game? | The Coggin Toboggan

6. Big Poppa’s The Notorious B.I.G

With over 3.1 million subscribers on Youtube, Big Poppa is very well-known for writing and performing some energetic songs. One of her famous songs, with 433 million views, features the iconic apparel in one of the scenes, which is well enough to showcase the popularity of the breathtakingly beautiful jacket.

7. Curren$y’s Famous Mixtape 

Shante Scott Franklin, famous by his stage name: Curren$y, is an American rapper who has signed to favorite labels including No Limit, Cash Money, and Young Money. The man now owns his Life Recordings label and has launched multiple songs under the banner. One can determine The popularity of the 8-ball jacket by the fact that such a famous singer and rapper has used it on the cover of his notorious song album MixTapes.  You can discover this iconic design in the right corner, followed by other elements. 

8. Worn by Win­ston Bish­op (Lam­orne Mor­ris) in New Girl

Sitcom created by Elizabeth Meriwether under 20th century Fox television. The plot revolves around a teacher who has moved angels with her three friends. One of the significant characters Lamorne Morris- Portrayed by Winston Bishop, wore the breathtakingly beautiful apparel in episode 6 of the 7th season of the show, awakening the long-lost spirit and convincing people to take account of it once again.

Winston Bishop is my spirit animal. | New girl quotes, New girl, Winston

9. Blue Armor by Wung Tang Clan

The Wung Tang clan was assembled in 1992 in New York City. The members include RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa, and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. One of their famous songs, Blue Armor, features 8 bal jackets with an elegant white and black color theme. The music video has over a million views so far.

10. Vogue’s Fashion Show

In 2017, the 8 Ball jacket appeared in a fashion show. In association with the famous Vogue Magazine, this fashion show was conducted by Rag and Jones that showcased some casual apparel, including the stunning 8-ball jacket. The beautiful model: Leena Hose, endorses the outfit on the ramp, officially extracting the 8-ball jacket design from the 19th century and blending it with current trends.

11. The Subway Slapper- 8 Ball Jacket’s Renewal

Well! Not a celebrity, but not less than a celebrity. The most recent appearance of 8ball jacket marks on the back of Jorge Penna, AKA the Subway guy. A few weeks back, a video of a subway station where an 8 Ball Jacket Guy brutally slapped a girl went viral. An incident is undoubtedly unethical yet miraculously diverts people’s attention to the 8-ball design. The jacket was so prominent that the crowd started to call Jorge by the name of 8 ball man.

Former minor league pitcher who slapped a woman aboard F train sad because he can't wear his favorite 8-Ball jacket anymore – New York Daily News

Final Words

On the bottom line, 8 ball jackets were popular in late 90’s. Nevertheless, the content above explores some notable appearances of 8 ball jacket in the recent time that proves this clothing style as a crucial part of ever evolving fashion cycle.

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